Don’t just pamper your children!

We need to teach our children to be confident and independent.

Its natural that, as parents,we will be overwhelmed with the thoughts that we must protect them, give them the best and keep them happy & free from worries. But this wouldn’t prepare them for the long term. Life is not just going to be the same stage show that we are in today. Gradually, the backdrop changes, and there is has always been some challenge in the evolutionary cycle. Rather than giving the best toys and pampering them all the time, we should take some time and work out ways, to make them rely on their own strength and handle their own disappointments.

When they ask for a toy, sometimes, its ok to deny the request. Let them deal with the disappointments. Let them settle their play ground feuds themselves. Lets not cover the ground with carpet so that they will never fall. Let us teach them how to pick themselves up and move on, after each fall. After all, you would be around to lay carpets for a couple of decades and not further.


Profession & Family – Oh, that fine Balance!

Today I read an interesting article on professional life over taking the personal time these days. I had this feeling  “oh how true!!!” until I finished reading that piece of writing. So here is the rambling created by that disturbing thought.

Yes we all had ambitions to do something super good, to achieve sky heights, to take up a dream job and have an exciting career. But I had never thought about the fine balance that has to be held, when you are a mother who also takes up a profession. When I was just beginning my career I had some super women friends, who used to be the mother of 1 or 2 kids and super good programmers/Leads/Managers. I used to think that theirs is a herculean task but never contemplated more as to what I will do, or what I should do when I become a Mom. When I had the time to work late nights, do some pair programming/ pair debugging at late nights, these holy mommies used to rush home on time. They never wasted time getting into unproductive meetings or discussions that are mere cribbing sessions. I used to admire their ability to remain focused all the time despite the daily hustle-bustle. They’d also popped up late nights from home to fix critical issues. Amazing beings!!

Today when I am in the same situtation, I draw my energy from them. I plan the next whole week, starting from buying groceries to setting up the wardrobe, whewww! I call it a roller coaster.

Amidst all this, Parenting is the new challenge. Looking at the social media these days, I realize that it is so important to devote time to the little ones at home for they are the future in the making. It is no big achievement that I have come this far. The actual challenge begins now. I need to equip my little one with skills for life. Right from teaching her to be polite and courteous, the good and the bad, patience, persistence and the other long list of items that I am yet to discover. The most important need of the Kids is quality time from the parents. This is an important consideration for every mom. Something has to be done, to give the young ones, what needs to be given. I am no proponent of theories that mothers should stay home, look after the family, perform her duties to the family, blah blah.. Well yes, this is my precious life and i am not going to waste it, trying to adhere to the stereotypes that were created generations ago. I shall do what makes me feel complete. So, what would make me feel complete? In a nut shell, I have to spend a quality time with my little one, tend to her needs, equip her with the necessary skills so that she will be an independent and compassionate human being, simultaneously feeding my soul it’s chicken soup by practicing my profession in the most empirical way plausible.

Scion of Ikshvaku


All through the read, this book gave me an impression that I was watching a movie 🙂

Amish’s description of his  characters reminded me of Kalki in “Ponniyin selvan”. Enjoyed the way Ram was portrayed. An introverted prince with a tortured childhood, who believes that laws must be adhered to at any cost, a man who would look forward to a woman who deserves respect, a brave warrior and a devoted son! He is a package.  Bharat’s character is also strong. He is witty, brave, daring and complements Ram. His romantic  inclinations are equally interesting! We must wait for the next books in the series to know more:) Whenever the brothers come together there is humor that makes us laugh. The witty conversations portray the joy of brotherhood. Loved them. Sita, Ram’s love, is portrayed as a brave warrior,  a compassionate comrade and a lovely wife. So was Sati in the Shiva trilogy. I respect u Amishji!  For you have broken the stereotype that women are delicate and must be handled like flowers ( one of the insane comments that came out during the nirbhaya incident ). Of course there are Urmila and Roshini,  who are portrayed as delicate. The point nailed is, women needn’t always be delicate. The relationship between Manthara and Kaikeyi is more realistic in this era. So is the characterization of Dhasarath. Shatrugnan the nerd and Lakshman the devoted brother didn’t deviate much from the original version of the Ramayan.

Coming to the plot, it is obvious that the nirbhaya case had initiated an intense thought process in the writer. But Roshini dint deserve such a gruesome murder. Was it even necessary to be included?

And the bee hive chamber, and it’s design was totally not comprehensive. Or dint I understand what you tried to explain?  If it would work, we should definitely try that for our urban planning. Amitji, why don’t you get it patented before some real estate builder implements it? 😉

The reason that Ram puts up for his exile is not much convincing! He fired the deivastras, yes, but it din’t serve the purpose, Raavan was not killed. So whats the point? This is not a convincing reason for embracing exile. The fact that Sita, the prime minister of Janakapuri leaves her country just like that after the combat with the Lankans, doesn’t make sense as well. What if Ravan would come back gathering another army? There is a logical flaw here, but i chose to enjoy the narration than being a critic.

Relished Sita’s depiction as a true warrior, Ram’s admiration for Sita and Sita’s devotion for Ram! It was amazing to watch the trailer, which portrayed the description in the book exactly. Sita’s introductory scene was perfect. And the intensity of the whole story is conveyed rightly in the trailer. This is the first book trailer that i have ever watched and I am carried away by the trailer 🙂 Probably, this book could make a nice movie too 😛

So finally there comes the link between the Shiva Trilogy and the Rama Chandra series. Shiva trilogy deals with the disintegrating Meluhan empire. Shiva comes to the aid of the Meluhans. Ram and Sita are laying the foundation for the Meluhan empire. So essentially, the Ram Chandra series will talk about the Meluhan empire in the making 🙂 These two series share a common plot. There are flaws here and there, it seemed like the Shiva trilogy concluded abruptly and Scion of Ikshvaku is boring until Sita’s swayamvar. But still both these series are closely knitted with our epics and they are endearing because they resonate our mythology!


Teach the children to be STRONG, not just GOOD.

I told my 3 year old that she has to be a good girl and the rest all will be fine. She fell down, hurting herself and then she cried, I am a good girl but then why is it paining?!? Then i realized, that I have to teach her to be a strong girl and not just a good girl. Changing ambiance, changing societies, globalization, blah blah.. We must make sure that our children are well equipped to face their future. I shouldn’t tell my girl that she can be happy and I am going to make sure that she is safe. I must tell her that she must be strong & bold and I am there to do the hand holding if she falls down. Sudden realizations out of the blue 🙂


Dogmas and doctrines, sensible only when they are value adds. If I were to follow some abstraction, that would merely drag me down to misery, do I have to follow them? As clear as it sounds. No. But why is there misery,  just because you followed them,  Blindly?  just because the society expects you to abide by some inexplicable rules, just because it was followed by every Tom, Dick and Harry?

I would rather prefer the road not taken. Living through each moment, one must move towards exultation and not reproach!


It’s just natural that our ideologies and perceptions change, as we progress through life. Every stage, there is a different learning,  and at times, there are experiences that could be strong enough to force a  redefinition of our ideologies. Time heals, time teaches, time transforms! Time, so this is the key. At times, acceptance needs forgiveness and that nobility comes only after you are open to change your perceptions. Acceptance is subtly different, but acceptance without forgiving could not lead to harmony ! Abstract thoughts, but that’s what Ayn Rand can do! Definitely not mistaken conceit, she does present new abstractions,  in a totally new format!